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"An enthralling crime-fighting saga that focuses on the people behind the mask"

- Kirkus Reviews


For over 80 years, the Crimson Wraith has fought crime in Titan City, defending the defenseless against such villains as the Blue Banshee, Queen Cleopatra, the Shadowmaster, Dr. Oblivion, and the Troubadour. But when a murder hits too close to home, he faces a case that he won’t be able to solve on his own.

Meet Gracie Chapel, a 23-year-old former teenage runaway who has survived the streets of Titan City relying on her wits and fists to handle whatever trouble might come her way. She never expected a masked vigilante to emerge from a cloud of smoke and rescue her, much less to need her help in return. Together, they will dig through a mystery with roots going back decades.

The Crimson Wraith: Legacy of the Hood takes readers on a journey through costumed crimefighting lore of different ages--the noir detective work of the 1940s, the atomic conspiracies of the 1950s, the madcap antics of the 1960s, the grim realism of the 1970s, and the bold re-imaginings of the 1980s--culminating in the present day and addressing the question of what it means to be a hero.

This complete edition includes all four parts of The Crimson Wraith: Legacy of the Hood previously released as ebook novellas.

 About the Author 

J. Griffin Hughes was born, raised, and reared in Raleigh, NC. He counts espresso and sushi as much a part of his Southernness as sweet tea and grits. Child of the '80s. Kitchen wizard for fun and profit. Lover of black and white films with detectives and samurai. He received his graduate degree in creative writing from Royal Holloway, University of London.


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