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Author J. Griffin Hughes

J. Griffin Hughes

Born, raised, and reared in Raleigh, NC, J. Griffin Hughes counts espresso and sushi as much a part of his Southerness as sweet tea and grits. Child of the '80s. Kitchen wizard for fun and profit. Lover of black and white films with detectives and samurai. He received his graduate degree in creative writing from Royal Holloway, University of London.

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The Crimson Wraith

"An enthralling crime-fighting saga that focuses on the people behind the mask"

- Kirkus Reviews

"This comic book-inspired plot is packed with complicated and enigmatic characters who bring to life the heart of the story."

Self-Publishing Review

"A really fun take on this idea of superheroes who have existed for multiple decades."

- The Arkham Sessions podcast

Meet Gracie Chapel, a 23-year-old former teenage runaway who has survived the streets of Titan City relying on her wits and fists to handle whatever trouble might come her way.

She never expected a masked vigilante to emerge from a cloud of smoke and rescue her, much less to need her help in return. Together, they will dig through a mystery with roots going back decades...


"Told through the lens of this widowed and remarried mother of three sons, this memoir delves into the larger history of North Carolina, focused on real people with real relationships in the context of the times."

- Author Dori Anne Dupre

"Straight from the pages of today’s headlines comes a first person account of a life lived through the lens of inherited white privilege, and the stubborn insistence to instill racial equality in her growing sphere of influence."

- Amazon Review

A descendant of plantation stock, the landed gentry of Eastern North Carolina, Miss Doug witnessed and took part in the twentieth-century transformation of Southern culture from "Old South" to "New South," changes in race relations, gender roles, and the very definition of Southernness. The stories here, stories from her and about her, chronicle this transformation with insight, wit, and affection.

Wouldn't Be Fittin'

For 25 years, Charles Addison has served Yamanu, an Egyptian vampire exploring the secrets of his own existence. He is an orderly, careful servant, but when he devises a plan to further his Master's research by managing a heavy metal band, Charles gets far more than expected, especially when he meets the young woman who calls herself Ruby Red.

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