Living in Titan City, 23-year-old Gracie Chapel has heard of the Crimson Wraith, the masked vigilante who, along with his sidekick the Wily Wisp, has fought a war against crime for 80 years. She never expected to meet him though.


Gracie is a girl accustomed to rescuing herself, should she need it. But when their paths cross, Gracie finds herself not only receiving the Crimson Wraith’s aid. She will help him solve a murder whose roots go back through the hero’s decades-long career…

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Life has been pretty good for Gracie, a former teenage runaway, until she comes home one night to find her roommate beaten into a bloody mess by her boyfriend. Will she take her revenge too far? And what will happen when the Crimson Wraith steps in?


And a look back to 1930s Titan City shows the origin of the Crimson Wraith as the plucky young orphan Will Singer is adopted into the home of millionaire industrialist Josiah Finn, where he finds prestige, intrigue, and murder.

At last, she has seen behind the mask of the Crimson Wraith, and now Gracie enters his world and begins her training to fight crime at his side. The secrets of his legacy are revealed to her, but is she ready for them?

Edward Finn discovers what it is like to be raised as the son of the Crimson Wraith in the 1950s, becoming his sidekick, the very first Wily Wisp. He never suspects it will be his fate to someday wear the same red cloak as his father before him.

Accepting the help of the Crimson Wraith brings Gracie to a world she never experienced as she discovers the luxury of Finn Manor. But can the Crimson Wraith keep Gracie from being convicted of aggravated assault, and what will he ask of her in return?


Meanwhile, in the grim and gritty late 1970s, the Crimson Wraith sends Hank Mills to prison and makes him promise that he will make things right. After his release, Hank discovers his own calling when he hears a cry of distress from a dark alley one night.

Who murdered Edward Finn, Crimson Wraith of the 1960s? It seems as though another former Crimson Wraith may know the answer, and it is up to Gracie to help her mentor, the current Crimson Wraith, to find it.

Drawing near the resolution of this mystery brings Gracie and the Crimson Wraith closer to tragic aspects of the masked vigilante of Titan City’s past--heartbreak, betrayal, scandal, and one of the Crimson Wraith’s villains in particular, the Troubadour.