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THE CRIMSON WRAITH now available in print!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Who murdered the Crimson Wraith of the 1960s? Can a former teen runaway help the masked vigilante catch a killer? This complete edition collects Parts 1-4 of The Crimson Wraith: Legacy of the Hood.  A gritty, realistic comic-book-inspired mystery for adults.

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How can YOU support this book?

Many of you have asked how you can help make this book successful. Here are some easy ways to support any independent author (and probably other artists): Buy a copy! It's not about the royalties, honest. But every copy sold--whether an e-book or in print--pushes a book higher in the sales ranking. And the higher the ranking, the more likely it will appear before new readers. Leave a review! This is the single most helpful thing. To most of the world, I am an unknown commodity. Is my writing worth someone's time and money? The reviews of other readers like you will encourage new readers to try it out. Share on social media! Why should Kardashians wield all the influence? By posting a photo of yourself with the book--even the Kindle cover art on your phone or tablet--you are spreading the word to someone who wouldn't hear about it.

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