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The Crimson Wraith Rogues Gallery

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Some of the villains who make their appearance in The Crimson Wraith: Legacy of the Hood...


Leader of the Little Tokyo underworld.

Real Name: unknown

Active: 1941-1945

Appearance: varies (master of disguise)

Criminal Activity: smuggling, espionage, treason


After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the mysterious leader of the Titan City’s Little Tokyo underworld turned from smuggling to attempting to undermine the US military effort, ultimately attempting to construct a nuclear bomb.

The first Crimson Wraith, William Finn, thwarted Shadowmaster’s bombing attempt. In their final confrontation, Will saw a flaming building collapse upon Shadowmaster, and his agents scattered after.

Blue Banshee

Revenge-fuelled murderer with sonic shrieking device

Real Name: Robert Caine

Active: 1939-1940

Appearance: blue hooded cloak, black mask

Criminal Activity: murder, attempted murder, arson, kidnapping

History: Illegitimate son of Josiah Finn, conceived after Finn’s wife and daughter died of influenza. Became resentful of Will Singer, the orphan Finn adopted and made his heir. After the death of his mother, one of Josiah Finn’s servants, Robert presented the truth of his parentage to Finn, hoping to be welcomed into the family. But Finn rejected him. Consumed by rage, Robert murdered Josiah Finn and attempted to murder Will, but Will survived and returned as the first Crimson Wraith to attempt to force a confession. Robert appeared to end his own life after their confrontation, but he returned as masked villain the Blue Banshee to destroy both William Finn and the Crimson Wraith.

The Buzzard

Greedy criminal mastermind.

Real Name: Otto Von Kemp

Active: 1971-1974

Appearance: bald, hooked nose, fur-collared coat,

Criminal Activity: extortion, racketeering, narcotics trafficking, arms dealing

History: Upon his arrival in Titan City, Otto Von Kemp began using his wealth to purchase influence among local crime families, consolidating power there and then taking control of corruptible police officers, judges, and politicians. He clashed with the third Crimson Wraith, Adam O’Neil, a young officer who he attempted to have killed for threatening to expose corruption within the Titan City Police Department.

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